Stream Your Content

Use Piksel’s Online video platform to stream any type live or on-demand content – sermons, special events, small group sessions, worship services, and even podcasts to nearly any device.


Share with the World

Increase your church’s footprint by examining your reach. Use our enterprise grade analytics to see who’s watching, when and where.


Get Support

Use our 24/7 support team to enhance your digital church strategy. We’ll be there to help you coordinate, stream your services and manage your content.


Increase Viewership

Share your content with the world on any device. Having an increase in viewership will allow you to gather an increase in donations with integrated giving tabs.

Your Digital Church TM

The ability to reach more people has never been more crucial. In an age where people are on-the-go with many things vying for their attention – it’s important to have a digital strategy in place that helps you further the mission – keeping faith centered in the lives you reach. Piksel Faith works with you to help you grow your ministry physically and digitally.

You need to reach people where they are at – that means having the ability to share your content on all kinds of devices. Share your message with a mobile app, live stream a service on a laptop, upload content to a Roku app, or even update your church body internally with digital signage.

In what ways can you be effective by implementing a digital church strategy? By sharing your content on a variety of devices, you allow your ministry to expand well beyond the four walls of your church. This means you can organize your content on our online video platform and see through our analytics where you are making the most impact.


  • Piksel created a seamless workflow for us by getting our stream to the web and delivered it efficiently worldwide.

    Pastor Karen Wheaton
    Pastor Karen Wheaton

    The Ramp

  • Piksel Faith helps us accomplish our vision of reaching a city to touch the world through their innovative technology, software and impeccable customer service.

    Pastors James and Debbie Lowe
    Pastors James and Debbie Lowe

    Bethel World Outreach