icon24 / 7 SUPPORT

We tackle trouble when it strikes. When even a single follower has trouble with your broadcast, we provide person-to-person support team that you can fully rely on to resolve any issue even before they become problems. Our team is here to help your ministry spread the message – we’re here to assist you and your viewers so that every technological connection is a long-lasting one.

Customer Support

We provide technology support whenever you need it. Our person-to-person support team means every time you pick up the phone you reach a person. Any time a viewer has a challenge our staff is ready and waiting to assist with any request.

Digital Strategists

It takes a lot of effort to build a digital ministry beyond the four walls of your church. With our Account Managers you can take advantage of the steady stream of insights and ideas they’ll provide your church. Rely on us to do the technological heavy lifting so you can focus on spreading Christ’s Word and reaching more souls.

Proactive Monitoring

When you are streaming a live event, nothing is more important that ensuring a seamless viewing experience. Disruptions can occasionally occur, but if they do, you can rest assured that our support team is monitoring every event as it streams. Even before you pick up the phone they work hard to ensure a quality broadcast.