The Ramp

The Ramp is a ministry with a targeted vision—“To awaken a generation out of spiritual death and religious complacency, calling them in to their individual purpose and sending them out to the world to advance the Kingdom of God,” says Karen Wheaton, founder of the Ramp. Since the Ramp was established in 1999, they have grown to become a thriving youth conference center, school of ministry, and church.

Located in of Hamilton, Alabama, the Ramp ministry identifies itself as non-denominational. Their outreach extends to education by providing the Ramp School of Ministry (RSM). The Ramp School of Ministry exists to train and equip young ministers to advance the kingdom of God.

The Ramp produces hundreds of live events, seminars, intensive training classes, and conferences every year. They have been live streaming each of their events for over ten years, so a significant focus on the quality and simplicity of a live streaming service is essential. It’s important to the Ramp to be able to share their services live to people around the world. They are able to change lives around the world by streaming these services live.

The Ramp has chosen to integrate Piksel’s Video Platform because they feel that Piksel’s systems are able to efficiently deliver their streams worldwide. The Ramp has determined that one of the greatest assets of working with Piksel Faith is the dynamic support from account management and monitoring. Through their continued dedication, the Ramp has been able to teach their staff how to stream and manage all of their own content. In the future, The Ramp plans to increase their streaming and on-demand usage to get wider coverage of the U.S.