Passion for Truth

Passion for Truth ministries started simply as a bible study – a group of Christians called together the “First-Century Bible Study” with Pastor Jim Stanley, and the dedicated core group of believers grew from a handful of people to approximately 300 people attending church every week, with over 3000 visiting online every week.

The focus of Passion for Truth ministries is to spread the Gospel of Yeshua and to delve deeply into the Christian roots of faith. They are passionate about understanding God’s Word in its true historical and cultural framework. Their primary goal is to spread the good news of salvation to as many people as possible. Within spreading the Word of God, Passion for Truth envisions to equip their local congregation with messages to help to go out and reach more people.

Passion for Truth intends to be a light to the Nations by bringing them back to their Christian Roots through the Power of His Torah and Spirit of Yeshua (Jesus) in their own language through weekly live streaming, radio and television broadcasts, social media, the ministry website, and other resources.

They are a multimedia driven church. They desired to stream their services online – to provide an outlet for people living in multiple times zones and to increase their viewership. In addition to providing live streaming every Sunday, Passion for Truth required a video-on-demand section, where their church body could review messages and have the ability to worship throughout the week.

Because their ministry is primarily supported through online viewership, the technology used to share their messages is integral in the success of fulfilling the mission.

In the past, Passion for Truth ministries struggled with other online streaming providers. Matthew Totra, Senior Office Manager says that their previous provider “has been a major sticking point for us in the past. Now, our viewers our able to join us live every week, no matter what their internet speed happens to be.”

They chose Piksel’s Video Platform for its ease of use and its ability to build a Digital Church that was custom to their needs. Passion for Truth has immediately integrated Piksel’s live streaming and video-on-demand services through the Online Video Platform (OVP). Through this console they are able to organize and share all of their content via their website without having to worry about questionable ads or other unwanted information popping up, that would typically occur on other video providers.

As a result of Piksel’s full service offerings, Passion for Truth is in the process of developing a mobile app and a Roku channel to reach even more people and expand the digital distribution of their message. Piksel’s Video Platform is a key tool that helps Passion for Truth reach God’s people.