First Baptist Orlando

First Baptist Orlando is a large-scale ministry based in Orlando, Florida led by Senior Pastor Dr. David Uth with a clear vision of “A Passion for God, A Passion for People, A Passion to Serve.”

Their worship services are important to them because they are one of the first experiences faith seekers have with First Baptist Orlando. And although it is a sizeable church, their Life Groups help break down the church into smaller groups so people can easily learn about their faiths and learn about each other.

Their passion to serve means they reach further outside of the church’s four walls, with the help of Piksel Faith, to convey His message to the world.

First Baptist Orlando was looking for a simple to use video platform that used a content delivery network (CDN) to spread the church’s message outside of Florida. In addition to their 5,000-7,000 physical visitors, they wanted their message to be spread throughout the world and also in different languages.

After Senior Pastor Dr. David Uth’s mission trip to South America, he knew it was essential to be able to reach First Baptist Orlando’s followers in their native language.

From on-site equipment to connection to the CDN, First Baptist Orlando was also looking for a personalized support team to make sure everything would run smoothly and not a moment of any broadcast would be lost.

Piksel’s Digital Enterprise is the cloud-based solution that powers their live-streamed sermons, making sure that God’s message is delivered seamlessly, and in high definition to more than 2,300 followers all over the world. In addition to live streaming their sermons, First Baptist Orlando offers their English videos on-demand for post-event enjoyment.

Additionally, Piksel Digital Enterprise offers robust analytics that they can use to gain information, some in real time, about their audience such as who is watching, where they are watching from and how long they watch for. This information is essential in forecasting future events.

“The ease with which we’re able to do this, plus the responsiveness of Piksel Faith when we suggested adding languages just highlights the wonderful relationship we have with the team.” Dana Meeks, audio engineer for broadcast and post production.

Their users have described the platform as easy to use, letting them upload, manage and share all of their own content. Piksel’s 24/7/365 Live Support and Monitoring Center ensures that users are never alone and everything is as it should be.

In the future, First Baptist Orlando plans to syndicate their content on Streaming Faith, another sub-brand of Piksel, by supplying their on-demand videos to be viewed by Streaming Faith’s over 80,000 of followers.