Enjoy Church

Enjoy Church is based in Australia and has three city and five regional campuses around the country. Pastor’s Shane and Georgie Baxter are the acting senior pastors who believe in the church’s mission “to be a large, strategic Christian church full of life and hope.

Enjoy’s primary mission is to evangelize and offer regular outlets for discipleship through various programs and events held throughout their various campuses. Approximately 3,000 cumulatively attend one of their five campuses. Their primary goal is to help lead people to develop closer relationships to Christ by reach families, communities and beyond.

Through their research, Enjoy discovered the need to expand on their use of technology. Using technology as a platform for communication has become essential to the ministry’s main mission. Communication and outreach is the core business for Enjoy. As communication methods change over time, they realized the need to share their regular church services beyond the limits of their physical campus locations. The biggest requirement in expanding their reach digitally was to find a solution that would provide the best quality so that their messages wouldn’t be compromised.

Enjoy is a ministry with a contemporary expression of Christ, so technologies such as social media, web, live streaming and video on demand are used extensively to promote and deliver their services and other activities. They have invested heavily in IT, graphic design and video production platforms to fully leverage these streams. This has allowed the church to reach more people beyond the walls of their campuses, breaking down preconceptions that people have about church and Christian ministry.

Enjoy decided to use Piksel Faith to help them grow beyond their physical location with Piksel’s Video Platform. Through Piksel’s live streaming services they deliver live Sunday services to desktop and mobile displays across the globe. Enjoy has plans to use the Video Platform even more in the future to integrate Video-on-Demand activities through the churches website and possible campus pages.

Using Piksel’s technology to report on various metrics allows them to measure the effectiveness of each digital outreach activity so that they are able to refine and adapt their strategy according to their mission.

What’s been great about Piksel Faith is that they have given us a managed solution that allows us to focus more on the delivery of our ministry objective and less on the technical implementation or the operational details.