Dana Meeks of First Baptist Orlando Rates Piksel Faith’s Service 5 out of 5 Stars

Dana Meeks of First Baptist Orlando Rates Piksel Faith’s Service 5 out of 5 Stars

Using technology to spread the message of God is not a very new concept, but it is something that has evolved dramatically over the last few years. First Baptist Orlando is a ministry that is no stranger to these technologies and has been spreading God’s message far beyond their four walls with the help of Piksel Faith for over 10 years. In the December issue of Technologies for Worship Magazine, Dana Meeks, audio engineer for broadcast and post production for First Baptist Orlando detailed their successes of choosing Piksel Faith as their streaming partner and what the future of spreading God’s message looks like.

A decade ago, First Baptist Orlando recognized that they wanted to deliver their message to broader audience by live streaming their sermons for followers outside of the physical church to see. They already discovered that using content delivery network (CDN) was the best way to accomplish this but knew they’d need help from a third-party video company to broadcast flawlessly. In their search for the video company of their dreams they discovered Piksel Faith. Not only do we understand the needs and wants of First Baptist Orlando – like live support during weekends – but we are a faith-based organization that has had experience in the video space for over a decade.

The Solution

Piksel’s Digital Enterprise solution is what makes it all possible. A cloud-based platform, Digital Enterprise captures streams from 5 different HD cameras within the church, transmits it to their productions center and encodes it locally to fit different devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. From there it is sent to Akamai CDN where it is distributed to viewers all over the world.

“The online video platform is cloud-based, which means it is easy to use, enabling us to upload, manage and share all of our own content.” Dana Meeks.

The Support

Three years ago when the ministry approached us about broadcasting their sermons in different languages, it was nothing our expert team couldn’t handle. After their senior pastor, Dr. David Uth, went on a mission trip to South America, they knew it was essential to be able to reach their followers in their native language. The Piksel Faith team came up with a solution and quickly put it in place and now First Baptist Orlando offers their live-streamed sermons in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Additionally, our 24/7 Live Support and Monitoring Center ensures that they are never alone and support is just a phone call away. Our team in Atlanta monitors the stream for any quality or audio issues, immediately correcting any problems that arise.

“The service from Piksel Faith also includes viewer support, which means that if they have any issues accessing the content they can call in and speak to live support.” Dana Meeks.

The Experience

The Digital Enterprise platform is also capable of analyzing and reporting on the audience of the live streams, sending the information back to the ministry, mostly in real time. These reports tell First Baptist Orlando information like who is watching, where they are watching from, and how long they watch for – essential analytics when planning future broadcasts.

Furthermore, audience viewership is not lost if there is a Wi-Fi connectivity issue. If this happens, the player pulls back the signal, which may result in a slight loss of video quality, but once the signal returns to full strength, the stream will continue in its normal HD quality.

The Future

First Baptist Orlando will continue their live and on demand live streams while in the near future syndicating their content on StreamingFaith.com – a sub-brand of Piksel where over 80,00o followers go to get their faith video content online.

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